Communications Buildings

Enterprise Wireless are committed to disrupting the telecommunications industry by pushing the envelope on a traditional approach to remote site communications. We have a proven track record of successful remote site deployments, including the design, manufacturing, and engineering of our unique communications huts. Our works also includes the engineering and supply of all associated pre-cast concrete, solar frames, civils works and tower construction.

We reached a point whereby our origins were as a Communications Integrator, providing professional services to Communications Companies to deliver these types of remote communications outcomes. We felt that the standards were low, that the field services were costly which all resulted in a lengthy delivery time with a product that we felt was not suitable for todays business needs. We begun a process of designing from the ground up our now tailor-made communications huts, which include all the hardware and equipment that we felt should be mandatory for these types of deployments including smoke detection, CCTV and alarm systems.

Everything in our communications huts are specifically designed and manufactured to meet our clients needs, these include the power distribution systems, communications rack(s) and battery frames. We custom make the walls so that everything is internal with no conduit, under floor cable trays. Parts are laser cut and CNC machined to achieve a high quality and easily repeatable. Our design works are carried out in solid works to allow our clients to see, modify and change the designs to meet their business requirements. The manufacturing process from this stage is very quick, all components are included in this design so that the assembly part can be completed in a matter of hours and not days.

For more information feel free to contact our helpful sales team on 1300 290 201, we have a live demo at our warehouse / offices should you want to see what kind of high quality product we design, manufacture and deliver to our clients.

Structured Cabling and Optical Fibre

Enterprise Wireless offers cost effective services without compromising in quality. We offer a range of services from small to large office and industrial network installations, to meet the business needs of SME, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Government, Industrial and Mining.  Most network faults experienced are due to cabling not being tested properly during installation. Our Cat5/5e/6/6a/7 structured cabling and fibre optic installations are completed with full test reports and certification. All single-mode and multimode fibre installed is fusion spliced, to ensure the best possible test results to comply with industry standards. Prior to the commencement of any installation, comprehensive surveys and enquiries are made to ensure what is installed covers the current and foreseeable business needs.

IoT, BYOD and Mobility Solutions (WiFi)

Enterprise Wireless is focused on solution selling and problem solving, to provide clients with the ultimate customer experience, from project conception to implementation. This vision is achieved by combining world-class wireless mobility solutions with creative thinking, innovative ideas, following best practices and validated reference designs.

Wireless access has changed the workplace dramatically over the years, so it’s crucial that the Access Points you select do the job that you need. Enterprise Wireless will aid in the selection process, ensuring the right products and technologies are chosen to achieve a specific outcome. With the growth of mobile and IoT devices, IT more than ever require deeper insights about how the network is performing. With cloud based solutions or hardware/software based offerings, predicting problems before there are disruptions to connectivity, app quality and RF coverage is essential.

Outdoor Wireless and Telecommunications Services

Enterprise Wireless can provide wireless ‘last mile’ technology solutions, to provide a wireless alternative to wireline internet access technologies, such as cable or fibre when services are not available or can be expensive to provide reliable leased link alternatives or offer redundancy. We also can provide rigging services, microwave installations, configurations and tuning, feeder installations (and removals), design and/or install aviation lighting solutions (when deemed necessary by CASA) and aid with the design (path profiles, link budget calculations, site surveys) as well as many other unique services.  Enterprise Wireless offer three key areas of focus, to meet your outdoor and last mile business needs;

Satellite Communications (SATCOMM)

Communications satellites have been around for more than 50 years, and they are often the only way to communicate with remote parts of the world. Considering 70% of the planet is covered by oceans, it is easy to see how life would have been very different had satellite connectivity not become both practical and affordable. Today’s businesses should be able to reach customers, share resources or have network access anywhere and at any time. Enterprise Wireless specialise in Satellite Communications, VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) and VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television).

Our engineers are proficient with the installation, tuning, commissioning, and working with providers to provide post-installation support and reporting. We are proficient with the use of RF/Satellite communications concepts and fundamentals, the use of spectrum analysers and undergoing calibrations as required, such as cross-pol isolation, antenna patterns, transmission tests and LNB tests. Fixed installations are normally performed in a few hours, after a site survey has taken place (depending on location, size of reflector and other variables). We can provide ground system pole mounts, non-penetrating mounts, or custom mounting solutions.

Information Technology (IT)

Enterprise Wireless are committed to providing innovative, tailored IT solutions with expert technical support. We have an in-depth understanding of the issues and concerns that affect most business and we pride ourselves on ensuring smart and service focused solutions are delivered.
Independently and through our aligned partners we are well positioned to provide proactive support, including patching, updates, security and monitoring of your critical IT services to ensure everything stays operating as it should be.  If your organisation operates physical servers and storage in a standalone or virtualised environment, are looking to transition from a hosted or on-premises exchange to Microsoft Office 365 (hybrid or full) or Microsoft Azure (hosted servers and infrastructure), Enterprise Wireless and its partners are here to help.
We can also provide a 24x7x365 help desk to provide remote or onsite assistance as necessary, or as part of a managed service.

Project Management

Enterprise Wireless is a reliable, capable, and trustworthy partner to our clients in the successful and safe completion of their projects and programs, and construction Management Services. Much of our company’s work is repeat business from loyal customers. This demonstrates the value of the long-term relationships that we always strive to achieve with our clients.
Each client is unique, so through collaboration and a flexible team approach, we can achieve your unique delivery program.
Enterprise Wireless can deliver total design and construction management using our own talented resources, or we can orchestrate the work of outside architects, engineers, and contractors, or we can facilitate a combination of both to best suit the project requirements.
We perform the delivery of the pre-construction planning to actual construction, then finally on to post construction. Enterprise Wireless works in conjunction with our client in partnership, handling every part of design and construction, putting our client’s best interests first.


Enterprise Wireless is able to partner with companies and governments to assist delivery of complex projects and programs. Enterprise Wireless will look for the highest quality materials, best prices, and lowest risk to create and maintain the smooth supply chains
With purchasing experience on projects of all scales, Enterprise Wireless partners with the best strategic suppliers for basic and fabricated materials, logistics partners for delivery and inspection, and financial reconciliations and inventory controls.
We always look to partner with safe, ethical, and environmentally responsible contractors and vendors, Enterprise wireless are able to deliver high quality, cost effective procurement services.

Construction Management

Enterprise Wireless is a full service, fully integrated business, Enterprise Wireless designs, engineers, and constructs our clients’ projects from beginning to end. We can provide field services personnel and skilled technical staff, we wear hardhats, operate machinery, and get our hands dirty. In addition to construction management and project management, Enterprise Wireless provides a complete range of field construction services, including modular construction and fabrication, for clients in both the public and private sectors.
With our processes and procedures, it allows us to integrate and identify unique opportunities to add value, efficiency and to focus innovation where possible. Our preferred approach is to integrate our construction expertise with our design planning as early as possible. That way, our construction plan including design and procurement will result in reduced schedule and costs.  Enterprise Wireless has experience delivering complex schedules, and we offer a number of alternatives to our delivery processes.
In everything we build for our clients, safety is our number one priority.