Enterprise Wireless are committed to disrupting the telecommunications industry by pushing the envelope on a traditional approach to remote site communications. We have a proven track record of successful remote site deployments, including design, manufacturing, and engineering of our unique communication huts.

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Areas of expertise

Microwave Networks Network towers

Enterprise Wireless can provide network connectivity anywhere! Rigging services, Microwave installations, configurations and tuning, feeder installations (and removals), aid with the design (path profiles, link budget calculations, site surveys) as well as many other unique services. Our team has connected very remote mine sites and construction offices with high-speed network connectivity often over 100kms through challenging environments – whereby we determine the power requirements, design and manufacture cabinets or huts, construct communications towers, rig and commission all equipment to enable this capability.

Enterprise Wifi

Enterprise Wireless is focused on solution selling and problem solving, to provide clients with the ultimate customer experience, from project conception to implementation. This vision is achieved by combining world-class wireless mobility solutions with creative thinking, innovative ideas, following best practices and validated reference designs.

Village Technology

Working remotely is challenging, especially with the isolation from friends and loved ones. Your team is reliant on reliable and private communications with services like phones, video calling, internet, and email, essential to communicate with home. In the evening your team unwind with the latest entertainment streaming services directly to their TV in their room.

Security Technologies

Traditional security approaches need to change, with so many advancements today with technology, the introduction of IP Networking, Automation, Smart Phones and IP CCTV. Many businesses are still utilising disparate systems which are often islanded, difficult to remotely manage, monitor or maintain. Enterprise Wireless take a holistic approach to all things with a vision of centralising and empowering businesses with the ability to gain access to reporting, improve operations and introduce monitoring and alerting by linking systems together.

Rapid Deploy Coms

Enterprise Wireless offer an end to end, turn key communications and infrastructure service from planning & design to construction and support. Our team has the experience and capabilities to rapidly assess and deploy communication equipment to meet the connectivity needs that remote sites demand. Our practical telecommunication solutions span some of the most challenging and complex topography typically found across remote regions of the globe.

Fibre Structured Cabling

Enterprise Wireless provide structured cabling solutions that support your telecommunications infrastructure. Prior to the commencement of any installation, comprehensive surveys and enquiries are made to ensure what is installed covers the current and foreseeable business needs.

Tower Construction

Enterprise Wireless provide qualified and trained staff in all aspects for your ICT Infrastructure installations adhering to the highest quality using the latest technologies. The Enterprise Wireless culture of innovation is the driving force behind our telecommunications solutions and construction methodologies.

Underground Technologies

Enterprise Wireless provides services specifically focused on supplying customers with tailored made solutions which are unique to the client’s challenges and approach. We innovate and develop systems and solutions that cater for the challenges of working underground. Our technologies, control and communication systems enable our clients to maximise productivity, safety and sustainability. As trusted advisors we ensure. Our designs and solutions can span across systems and up/down the value chain, providing transparency across entire mining operations.

Industrial IOT

With the growth of mobile and IoT devices, IT more than ever require deeper insights about how the network is performing. With cloud based solutions or hardware/software based offerings, predicting problems before there are disruptions to connectivity, application quality and RF coverage is essential.

Audio Visual

We have taken an innovative approach to how we design, deliver and reimagine traditional offices, boardrooms and public areas to deliver a rich and immersive experience whilst empowering the use of streaming and internet services to bring about various applications and uses to your investment.

Internet + IP Tel

Having fast reliable internet is the norm now. We keep ours running fast as we don’t share with other networks which maintains the speed all the time. We make it easy and seamless for our clients while keeping them running effortlessly.

MMMS (Management, Maintenance, Monitoring Support)

Enterprise Wireless believe in taking a ‘Proactive’ approach to servicing our clients, complaints and reactiveness does not form part of our business model. Enterprise Wireless design tailored dashboards and utilise SNMP monitoring used in information technology to understand how services are performing, assist with identifying potential areas of risk 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Structured Cabling and Optical Fibre

Enterprise Wireless offers cost effective services without compromising in quality. We offer a range of services from small to large office and industrial network installations, to meet the business needs of SME, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Government, Industrial and Mining.

Enterprise Wireless ensures safety and quality of a high standard so you can be comfortable knowing the most considered approach with the best outcome will be delivered.

aerial photo of communications tower

Safety & Quality Assured

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From wireless tech to on-site communications, cctv residential or commercial and more, including Elon musk’s star link, the best remote internet access available. These guys do it all with a great understanding and amazing team. Incredible production, with a reliance to provide quality service and top-end systems/technology with intuitive staff. Andrew and his team do it all. Patrick Hawkins
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Great professionals to deal with in depth knowledge of all communication systems at all levels. Andrew has built an outstanding business and wonderful staff. Thanks heaps. Emmanuel Pool
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Great company for what they are doing!!! wifi systems, cctvs, remote communications, security systems. Any technology systems you can name, It is Enterprise Wireless. Fandy Suryana