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Service Accreditations

We can design solutions for any site and our team has unmatched experience in wireless networks, rigging and cabling, technology installations and commissioning. Enterprise Wireless values are based upon comprehensive training and full certification. Our implementation adheres to the strictest health safety standards. When you engage a firm to handle your national or international multi-site technology rollouts, the last thing you want is an inconsistent quality or speed of deployments. Enterprise Wireless protects your reputation and minimises your workload, seamlessly rolling out technology across many sites with the use of professional resources.

Project Management: The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints, something we work hard towards.

Support: We can provide post-installation support, maintenance and management solutions.

Extensive Technical Skills: We have a commitment to continuous training and learning, we are constantly improving our expertise as new technologies evolve.

Our Values: Integration, Innovation and Implementation. We integrate technology to not only meet but exceed our customer requirements, we are always thinking outside of the box and being innovative while implementing on-time and on budget.

Guaranteed Workmanship: We always ensure the highest quality work with whatever we do, from cable presentation to project management we don’t EVER cut corners. Certified and highly qualified expertise. Experience in working with mining, oil and gas projects across small and large scale projects. Distinct competencies in executing international, national and state-wide roll outs.


Manufacturer Approved: Accredited for: Telco Skills:

ADC Krone installer

Austel (Open Cable) certified

Advanced Rigging

Molex Installers

CCom Satellite Systems

Tower Rescue

Panduit Installers

AIM  Australian Institute of Management

Elevated Work Platform Ticketed

Aruba Certified (ACMA, ACMP)

Optus Satellite Certified

Registered Building Practitioner

Cisco Certified (CCNA)

TITAB Registered


Microsoft Certified

Optus Satellite Certified

Construction Cards

VMWare Certified

DTEC (driver training)

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