Outdoor Wireless and Telecommunications Services

Enterprise Wireless can provide wireless ‘last mile’ technology solutions, to provide a wireless alternative to wireline internet access technologies, such as cable or fibre when services are not available or can be expensive to provide reliable leased link alternatives or offer redundancy.

We also can provide rigging services, microwave installations, configurations and tuning, feeder installations (and removals), design and/or install aviation lighting solutions (when deemed necessary by CASA) and aid with the design (path profiles, link budget calculations, site surveys) as well as many other unique services.
Enterprise Wireless offer three key areas of focus, to meet your outdoor and last mile business needs; Point to Point (An Alternative to Fibre, Rapid Deployment): Building to Building connectivity CCTV Solutions Leased Line Replacement Fibre Redundancy Wireless Failover Solar Repeaters Point to MultiPoint (A means to interconnect multiple locations): Multiple Buildings CCTV Solutions Outdoor WiFi Telemetry, Process Control and Automation Wireless Mesh (A self-configuring, self-healing, scalable solution):
Public WiFi Last Mile Connectivity Campsite / Village WiFi Locations that can’t be cabled (due to expense or otherwise)
Other rigging and outdoor telco services provided by Enterprise Wireless are: Feeder Installation and Removal Feeder Testing (i.e. Return Loss, Distance to Fault) LADSAF Fall Arrest Certification Microwave (Installation, Configuration, Tuning and Commissioning) Bird Proofing, Sealing, Labelling Installation of steel works and mounting brackets Site Surveys (detailed photos, measurements, documentation) Spectrum Analysis / Planning Sector-based AE Coaxial cabling Cable termination and grounding