Communications Buildings

Enterprise Wireless are committed to disrupting the telecommunications industry by pushing the envelope on a traditional approach to remote site communications. We have a proven track record of successful remote site deployments, including the design, manufacturing, and engineering of our unique communications huts. Our works also includes the engineering and supply of all associated pre-cast concrete, solar frames, civils works and tower construction.

We reached a point whereby our origins were as a Communications Integrator, providing professional services to Communications Companies to deliver these types of remote communications outcomes. We felt that the standards were low, that the field services were costly which all resulted in a lengthy delivery time with a product that we felt was not suitable for todays business needs. We begun a process of designing from the ground up our now tailor-made communications huts, which include all the hardware and equipment that we felt should be mandatory for these types of deployments including smoke detection, CCTV and alarm systems.

Everything in our communications huts are specifically designed and manufactured to meet our clients needs, these include the power distribution systems, communications rack(s) and battery frames. We custom make the walls so that everything is internal with no conduit, under floor cable trays. Parts are laser cut and CNC machined to achieve a high quality and easily repeatable. Our design works are carried out in solid works to allow our clients to see, modify and change the designs to meet their business requirements. The manufacturing process from this stage is very quick, all components are included in this design so that the assembly part can be completed in a matter of hours and not days.

For more information feel free to contact our helpful sales team on 1300 290 201, we have a live demo at our warehouse / offices should you want to see what kind of high quality product we design, manufacture and deliver to our clients.